Company Philosophy

Compact Compression operates with a few basic principles in mind, to keep our competitive edge and gain market share while producing the most reliable compressor on the market:

Core Skills – only do what you are good at

  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory
  • Electrical
  • Service

And subcontract everything else – results in a better, more cost effective product

  • Welding
  • Machining

Standardized Designs

  • Spread engineering costs over quantity production to reduce total cost
  • Better engineered packages

Product Philosophy

Under 100hp (75KW)

  • Lots of competent 100 – 4000hp packagers
  • Few professional under 100hp packagers
  • Impossible to be cost effective at both large and small packages

Design For Manufacturability

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Better quality control
  • Identical products

Design For Ease of Operation and Maintenance

  • Easier to train operators
  • Fewer operator errors
  • Less expensive to maintain

Strong Process Control – Written Documentation Gives Cost Effective Excellence

  • Assembly processes
  • Quality control
  • Service processes
  • Overhaul processes