Increase Production
Maximize Revenue
Minimize Downtime
Process Liquids - No Vessels
Turn-key Compression
Flexible Reliable Economical Portable Operator Friendly

Compact Compression specializes in under 100hp No Hassle Compression packages for a variety of applications such as
Casing Gas, Wellhead Optimization, Multiphase Pumping, Pigging, NG Well Boosting, and Vapor Recovery.

Our current line of hydraulic casing gas compressors (HCGs)
process liquids without the need for traditional valves, switches and pumps;
which means minimal downtime, maximum production and increased profits.


Casing Gas


NG Boosters

Rotary Screw | Reciprocating

Vapor Recovery

CV20 Vane | CC40 Rotary Screw

Compression 101

Learn how casing gas compression can increase product optimization

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