MilestoneAugust500th HCG Delivered
MilestoneJune900th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Service AnnouncementAprilShaunavon Service Centre Opened
Service AnnouncementFebruaryFlat Rate Remote Service
Product AnnouncementFebruaryHigh Pressure (650 psi) HCG Application
Product LaunchFebruaryFirst HCG50 Gas Drive Delivered
Service AnnouncementFebruarySkyView Rollout to Customers
MilestoneFebruary400th HCG Delivered
MilestoneDecember800th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Service AnnouncementNovemberSkyView Rollout to CCI Service
MilestoneJuly300th HCG Delivered
Product LaunchJulyFirst HCG15 Gas Drive Test Trailer
MilestoneMay700th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Product AnnouncementAprilFirst HCG50 Delivered
Service AnnouncementMarchStoughton Service Centre Opened
Service AnnouncementMarchHCG Extended Services Plan (No Hassle Service Plan – NHSP) Introduced
MilestoneJanuary200th HCG Delivered
Product AnnouncementDecemberFirst HCG Mk2 Delivered (end of quiet pack)
MilestoneOctober600th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Product AnnouncementSeptemberNew 3 ½” Rod Size for HCG50
Product LaunchAugustFirst HCG Quiet Power Pack
Product AnnouncementJulyFirst HCG50 Delivered
MilestoneJune100th HCG Delivered
Product AnnouncementMayFirst HCG15 Test Trailer Delivered
Product AnnouncementMayNew 2” Rod Size for HCG15
Product LaunchAprilHCG50
MilestoneFebruary500th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Product AnnouncementFebruaryHCG Pigging Application Delivery (1200 psi Operating)
Product AnnouncementSeptemberFirst HCG15 Delivery
Product AnnouncementDecemberHCG Basic Satellite Messaging
Product AnnouncementDecemberHCG Field Testing
Product LaunchAprilHCG15
Product Line IntroducedAugustHCG Prototype Start-up (first Hydraulic Casing Gas Compressor)
Product LaunchFebruaryCG30
Service AnnouncementAprilEstevan Service Centre Opened
R&D/Production Year
MilestoneSeptember300th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Product Line IntroducedJanuaryCV20 VRU
Product LaunchAugustCG25
Product LaunchMayCG15 – 15hp Single Stage Compressor for Sweet or Sour Service
Product LaunchMayCG20 - 20hp Two Stage Compressor for Sweet or Sour Service
Product Line IntroducedXXXXXXCG Casing Gas Compressors
R&D/Production Year
Product LaunchNovemberCC30 – 30hp Screw Compressor - Replaces CC25 – Higher Performance and Pressures; Field Changeable Vi – Hi, Med, Low
Product Line IntroducedJune40hp Heliportable Compressor - A-Star compatible, Pigging & Production Models Available
Product LaunchAprilCC50 (50hp Screw Compressor - production to 1.0 mmsfcd plus
Service AnnouncementMarchEdmonton Service Centre Opened
Service AnnouncementSeptemberHanna Service Centre Opened
Product Line IntroducedAugust70hp Reciprocating Compressor - the only high pressure unit on the market that is towable by a 1 ton truck
MilestoneJune300th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Service AnnouncementDecemberBonnyville Service Centre Opened
Service AnnouncementDecember24Hr Service 403-219-3022
MilestoneNovember200th CC40 Unit in field
Product LaunchOctoberCC100 – 100hp Screw Compressor
Service AnnouncementAugustRed Deer Service Centre Opened
MilestoneMarch200th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
Product LaunchOctoberCC25 (Specializing in CBM applications)
Product LaunchJuneCC75 – 75hp Screw Compressor
MilestoneMay100th CC40 in operation
MilestoneMay100th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered
R&D/Production Year
MilestoneJuneFirst CCI Compressor in field (CC40)
Product LaunchJuneCC40 – 40hp Screw Compressor
Product Line IntroducedJuneLow hp Casing Gas Compressors for Natural Gas (CC40)
MilestoneNovemberIncorporated - With the intention to develop low HP booster compressors for depleted gas wells