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The HCG compressor has a new and novel compression element designed specifically for low-volume solution gas applications. It's simple, robust and low cost design eliminates the need for the most common failure points of traditional Casing Gas compressors: pneumatic control valves and liquid separation and pumping equipment.

The new HCG compressor is designed to process liquids, so there is no possibility of liquid lock. It does not have pneumatic control valves, a scrubber, float switches, or a liquid pump, which means less downtime due to failures. The new compressor is also independent of the pump jack so both the pump jack and compressor can be individually managed to maximize oil production; the compressor’s capacity control system will rapidly reduce and maintain casing pressure at an easily set level.

The new HCG compressor is simple and quick to install or remove which minimises production losses and associated cost due to service or installation. Further, in the unlikely event of a shut down, the satellite call out system will instantly notify Compact Compression service to expedite a response. Less downtime, fewer failures and reduced operating costs is how the new HCG compressor will increase production and profits

As with every unit produced by Compact Compression, the new HCG compressor continues the theme of reducing hassle for the operator with increased profits and minimal customer investment. Compact Compression offers flexible and affordable options for both renting and purchasing which includes their all-inclusive approach to service and maintenance. With the launch of the new HCG compressor, there has never been a more hassle-free way to optimize production.

Model Comparison

*Information is provided as a guideline only, contact CCI for exact sizing.

15hp HCG - 6" Cylinder
15hp Electric motor or gas engine drive
50hp HCG - 10" Cylinder
50hp Electric motor or gas engine drive
Low Pressure Max ΔP 225psi 0 - 225psi ΔP
0 - 3 e3m3/day 2 - 10 e3m3/day
High Pressure Max ΔP 350psi 200 - 375psi ΔP
0 - 2 e3m3/day 1 - 5 e3m3/day
Casing Gas Compression (Sweet & Sour Service)
Poor Boy Gas Lift
Multi-phase pump
CompressorhpSuggested Use
HCG1515hpSingle Well
HCG5050hpPad Well

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